Eddie Trunk Posts Extreme’s Six Could be Album of the Year

Eddie Trunk cites Six as candidate for album of the year
Extreme's record Six has gained critically acclaimed recognition via Eddie Trunk and other music critics around the world

Eddie Trunk is impressed! Trunk recently posted on Facebook that Extreme’s Six could be the Album of the Year for 2023! Eddie posted, “The more I listen the better it gets. Early candidate for album of the year”. The newly released Six has been embraced around the world. With millions of video views achieved overnight for their first release “Rise” the momentum continues to swell for Extreme.

Trunk first announced that Extreme will release their new album “Six” on June 9th. The album features 12 tracks including “Other Side Of The Rainbow”, “#Rebel” and “X Out” . The first single from the album is “Rise” has already received notoriety for Nuno Bettencourt’s internet breaking guitar solo that has led many of Nuno’s peers to suggest he carries the rock guitar torch left by the GOAT guitar hero Eddie Van Halen.

And with a global tour supporting the release in August 2023 you should be buying your tickets now to not miss this trail blazing band!

Who is Eddie Trunk?

Eddie Trunk is a music historian, radio personality, talk show host, and author. He is best known as the host of several hard rock and heavy metal-themed radio and television shows. He has been in the music industry for over 40 years and has built a reputation for being one of the most respected personalities in the world of Rock, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Eddie Trunk has dominated the hard rock and heavy metal scene with his electrifying shows, including the legendary That Metal Show and Eddie Trunk Rocks